Profile Submitter Fail Unknown Registration Error

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Good day to everyone!

I wanted to consult you over a problem I encountered with Profile Submitter. I get this error message: "Fail Unknown Registration Error". I noticed that the submitter fills the fields but it won’t click the ‘register’ part, and skip to the next forum site then the "fail unknown registration error" appears as the output.
I purchased 2 licenses for the computers which run in Windows XP2 and I am using the latest version of the software. I had everything needed to be installed like .net framework, and followed every single step. I have tried to troubleshoot it in anyway I can, ran all sick monthly packets as well as our own lists but the error still persists.
Additional info: Profile loaded, No proxies, Manual captcha and visible IE mode
Please help as I really don’t have any idea what’s causing this to happen and how I might be able to solve this. I would appreciate very much all your responses.

Thank you!

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Profile Submitter Fail Unknown Registration Error


Hello Derick,

You can try fixing it by following these steps:

To start with, uncheck IE Killer in the “options”, and then, open the trial packet in the “profile submitter tab”.

After that, select the mode IE Full Mode. Now, you should Run register step.

It will be supposed to materialize the Internet Explorer running the sites and it should ask some questions like "Allow", you can answer them and check the box “not ask again.”

Let us know how that works.

If you followed the directions, you should see a browser open and any potential errors or wizard questions.

I hope this information helps,

Mark Amna

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