Procedures on modifying the codes through VSTA in InfoPath 2010

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We have a bunch of Infopath forms that were created in Visual Studio 2003. We need to be able to modify the code using VSTA/Infopath 2010.

I can't find any procedures to accomplish this feat. I've installed VSTA, but when i try to open the manifest, I don't see any way to bring in the old managed code?

Surely I don't have to cut and paste? I would think this would be an easy task, but i can't find in info?


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Procedures on modifying the codes through VSTA in InfoPath 2010




From what I can understand, you need to open a Infopath Form that was created in visual Studio 2003 in VSTA. Jet me just throw some light on that.

Let me first explain how to use a sample data file while debugging or to have a preview in VSTA.

First you have to open the file in the Info Path design mode, and then from the file menu, click Save as source file, and then save it to a folder and then open the same in a text editor.

You can then create and save the file with the same structure as a template with all the data you want to use.

Then on the file menu, click on the preview button and then on the preview settings, you can now specify any file that you want.

These steps have to be followed so that the infopath code can be opened and debugged.

There is also a process that you have to understand that will allow you to use a code while debugging or previewing in Visual Studio.

First open the file from the template projects file menu in visual studio, and then you need to close the design tab.

Then go to the solution explorer toolbar and then show all files and right-click template, xml, and then open the file. Now copy the contents from the original file you want to open.

Create a new xml file from the file menu. Paste the contents that you copied into the new file and also add sample data into the file.

From the file menu, save the file that was created and make sure the file is saved to the infopath template folder. Then open the file manifest.xsf.

Click on options from the tools menu and then click on the Preview option, and then you can specify the sample data or the data from the infopath files that need to be edited.

This process looks to be tedious, but it really works, please do follow all the steps in detail. and let me know if you find any difficulties in between.

Bell Keny.

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