Procedure for creating a macro in Word

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I have heard that MS Word allows recording a series of actions, so that you can get the whole work done on a single-click. I have been trying to search for that feature, but couldn’t find any! Can anybody tell me, the steps for creating a macro in Word?

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Procedure for creating a macro in Word


When you need to repeat a series of tasks, you set out to search for a better alternative. In the digital world, when we use MS Word to create certain documents, most of them need a similar design and layout and, every time we have to set the prototype manually. With MS Word, we can record our steps and save it as a macro. Steps for which are:

1. Click on Views tab, and select Record Macro under Macros.

2. Next, type the Macro name, and select All Documents under Store Macro in box.

3. Now, choose Button to run your Macro with the click of a button, or Keyboard to set some keys combination to run your Macro.

4. With Button: Click on new macro, and then click on Add, and then click on Modify to select an icon for the Macro button. Click on OK twice, and then record your steps.

With Keyboard: In the Press new shortcut key box, try some combination of keys. Choose whichever is available for use. Now, select Normal.dotm in the Save Changes list. Click on Assign, and record your actions.

5. To stop recording, click on Stop Recording under Macros. Your Macro button will appear in the Quick Access toolbar, or you can run the Macro using the keyboard shortcut key.

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