Problems with McHost.exe, and with NOT McSvHost.exe

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Just a clarification, I am having problems with McHost.exe, and with NOT McSvHost.exe.

The errors started on January 5, 2012 after an update to McAfee's Antivirus Plus was performed.  Of course, the update necessitates a system restart.

After restarting, McHost.exe started showing me application errors whenever I boot my computer, also whenever the Antivirus Plus summons it.

I made use of Task Manager to end the process tree for McAgent.exe, afterwards I started over the program using the shortcut for McAfee AntiVirus Plus which can be found in Start  > Programs > McAfee. 

After it restarts, it shows me an error for McHost.exe once more. 

Thus, the error happens to be with the McHost.exe it.

I used to not have any problems prior that update.

I also started obtaining a shortcut to Antivirus Plus put on my desktop, but that has been fixed.

Every day I ensure the following location in AntiVirus Plus. 

Navigation > Quarantined and Trusted Items > Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs

There are more often than not some bad cookies that Antivirus Plus grasps, and that I need to remove, yet given that the McHost.exe application errors have been happening, I have not seen one bad cookie in it, which makes me consider that I am not getting some protection provided by McHost.exe for it is not obtaining the bad cookies.

Am I not wholly protected currently?  Please provide answers to this question.

Moreover, could you please give an explanation of what McHost.exe does?

I have not installed any other software, and I do not have at all any software that has been talked about in other posts, like Alcohol.

Also, I do not use McAfee's Firewall.  I make use of  ZoneAlarm instead. Thus, Net Guard should not be an issue either.  But, just to be secure, I momentarily switched on McAfee's Firewall, unchecked “Net Guard”, and shut the firewall off again.

The last time I experienced an error, I made use of Process Explorer to duplicate the process information for McHost.exe.  This is what I receive.

"C:Program FilesCommon FilesMcAfeeCoremchost.exe" {d193df30-3059-4654-ac82-727b1eb92f21} /pid=2808,I tried finding the CLSID {d193df30-3059-4654-ac82-727b1eb92f21} in the registry and found nothing.  That seemed strange to me that McHost.exe is referencing a CLSID that doesn't seem to exist.  Is McHost.exe missing something that it needs to function properly?

Please assist me in resolving this.

And another thing, I also had Virtual Technician running and it reports that the whole thing is OK.

Thus, I do not know what to do, except plead all the McAfee techs to PLEASE take a look into this.

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Problems with McHost.exe, and with NOT McSvHost.exe


Hello! It's happened because of massive virus attack of your PC. I can understand this problem. I want to suggest you reinstall your windows. After installing, you need to install powerful antivirus without opening existing folders from your PC. Then, update this antivirus and full scan your PC. Hopefully, there will be no this type of problem. Best of luck!

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