Problem with WiFi using Ubuntu 11.10

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Recently, I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my Gateway MX8711 laptop. I got my Wi-Fi running fine during this process. I downloaded all the updates after the installation. After rebooting it, I got an issue on the Wi-Fi signal detection.

My laptop doesn’t seem to pick up on the Wi-Fi.

Can you help me out with this problem? By the way, I am dual booting Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows XP.


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Problem with WiFi using Ubuntu 11.10


Hello Adriana,

                         I hope you have already installed the additional drivers available for the wireless. Sometimes when you update, there is a compatibility issue between two programs and the newly updated package deactivates the problematic package. You should also see if your laptop has bcm43xx drivers. You can read the detail on Ubuntu WiFi documentation page. I don't think that dual booting system with windows XP has anything to do with your WiFi drivers because the problem occurred after you updated. You can also use commands listed on the link to detect the network card etc. I assume you are using a separate computer for this post or a wired connection? Depending on the answer it should be obvious what exactly is the problem.

I hope that helps.


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