Problem when uploading files to my website

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11)  I am having problem when uploading files to my website, this began when my Server was altered, when I asked about it I was told to change the uploading mode from passive to active, this works but not very good at times the files are not completely uploaded as they were originally, if the files are consisted of pictures in them the pictures will be missing when uploaded, then some part of the navigation might be missing too.

I was told to upload in Binary Mode but I don’t know what that is. How should I go about it.

Am grateful for any help id receive

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Problem when uploading files to my website


If your web hosting site suggests that you switch from passive to active, means that you are doing all of your uploading tasks through ftp [File Transfer Protocol]. And since this suggestion still gives you negative results because the uploaded files are sometimes missing some components, why not try using an ftp client application instead.

Try installing WinSCP 4.3.8 on your computer. This application is an SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client, and an FTP client all integrated into one software.

To download WinSCP 4.3.8, you may visit Free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows. Or, if this one doesn’t work for you, try creating an HTML upload page exclusively for your own use only.

To get the complete guide on creating the upload script, upload form, and the script for saving the uploaded file, you may visit PHP File Upload.

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