Problem with Transmitting Power on VSAT

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What will you suggest to make the TX power better? I’m having trouble with transmitting power on my small satellite (VSAT). I already tried to exchange the cable and connectors but still TX power is too high. I’m thinking to put new BNC connector; can I do it without using crimping tool?

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Problem with Transmitting Power on VSAT


The problem of high power on a VSAT can be resolved through troubleshooting the equipment directly on the path of the Transmit signal. These are:

1. Modem.

2. Connectors to the modem e. g. BNC connectors.

3. IFL cables.

4. Connectors to the ODU e. g. RG11 connectors.

5. BUC.

To eliminate the modem from the list of possible faulty equipment, check its temperature by placing your hand on its back or the internal temperature guide if it is available. If the temperature is too high, then it is best to check and correct any faulty modem power cables, and or place the modem in a cooler environment.

To eliminate all connectors for faults, check them with a Volt-Ohm meter (Multimeter), for continuity. Replace any faulty or broken connectors. This applies for all types of connectors.

Checking the IFL cables is similar to checking the connectors. Use a Volt-Ohm meter (Multimeter) to ensure there is continuity on the cables.

Finally, you can remove the BUC and test with a different one installed, or reinstall the same one correctly if it wasn’t properly installed. This will eliminate the BUC from the list of possible faulty equipment.

If all the above fails to improve the situation, then realign the dish to the signal level recommended by the service provider or contact a VSAT technician for further troubleshooting.

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Problem with Transmitting Power on VSAT


Dear both,

I AM Experiencing same problem on my Vsat the tx power is high I changed the iDirect modem and the BUC and the connectors nothing is resolved still my internet is fluctuating so what is the solution to your this old problem please share with me your experience towards this.

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