Problem with Toshiba BIOS logo L650 laptop ?

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Dear All

I own Toshiba L650 laptop.

I have changed some of its settings from BIOS which resulted in its BIOS logo disappearance.

Please help me to bring back Toshiba bios logo.

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Problem with Toshiba BIOS logo L650 laptop ?


Hello Asteneves,

I guess you don’t remember the settings that you have changed in this case. Otherwise you easily change those to the original settings so the problem will be solved. Here I’ll lists few options to undo your changes and bring back the Toshiba logo.
  • This might be an issue that accidently you have enabled fast boot option. When fast boot enabled you cannot access the BIOS setup during the power on.
  • To access BIOS hold down the F2 function key and power on.
  • Now you will get in to the BIOS utility and here disable the fast boot option.
  • Power on the laptop and hold down the ESC key.
  • First check whether is there any option such as Boot-time Diagnostic Screen and if it is enabled disable it. Because when you enable the boot-time diagnostic screen the logo screen will disappear.
  • If you couldn’t find any specific option to enable logo screen press the F1 key when prompted to start the BIOS reset process. This will reset your BIOS to original factory settings. Remember all the changes you have made including BIOS passwords will be lost here.
  • The Laptop will automatically restart when the reset process completes and everything will be back to normal.
If one of above two methods didn’t work out proceed with this method.
  • Power off the Laptop.
  • Remove the Keyboard of your Laptop by unscrewing carefully and you can see the CMOS battery attached to the motherboard.
  • Unplug the CMOS battery and wait about 5 minutes to make sure the RAM will lose its memory and plug it again. This will erase customized BIOS settings to default settings.
Thank you.
Rubi Sharlene

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