Problem with Sony VAIO AR41S model

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When I try to play video through the HDMI port of my laptop to my TV, I get this error: "Stop. Your display environment does not support protected content playback."

The TV that I am using is the Sony KDL40W2000 HD TV and the computer I am using to run the Blue Ray disc is the Sony VAIO AR41S model. I do not understand why the TV is behaving like this. It runs ordinary DVD really well. This error that I am getting only comes for the Blue Ray. I am really surprised at the performance of this Sony product. I have contacted them and they have said that it should be working. They have sent me material which does not help at all. That is why I need help from you guys.  Thanks for reading.

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Problem with Sony VAIO AR41S model


If you enabled the SLI feature of your Dual Video Card that is installed on your Alenware M17x laptop, you can only use the video card limited to a single screen only. Meaning, you need to run your computer to a single screen mode to fix the issue.

HDPC or the High Definition Copyright Protection is an example of a Hollywood creating wars between their customers. They think that if a user is running two outputs, it can go to the process of copying to create an illegal copy.



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Problem with Sony VAIO AR41S model


This error occurs because of High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). This is a process used to protect the high definition content that is being copied and pass from computer to monitor or your high definition TV. Blu-rays and High definition DVD movies have a protected HDCP when being played.

To resolve this:

1. Ensure that your computer has one digital video cable such as HDMI or DVD.

2. Connect only one HDCP display device when watching a movie. Do not try to watch on the second display device.

3. Set the resolution to 1920 x 1200 or less.

4. Use DVI to DVI connection directly or HDMI to HDMI connection.

5. Check if you are using a monitor that has HDCP support. The VGA connections are often not supported and the previous DVI monitors.

6. If you continue to receive this error, the cable might be damaged or the monitor needs a service.


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