Front USB Port not working

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Hey Guys,

I just bought Dell 82801 CPU, overall config of the system is good but the only problem I’m facing is its Front USB Ports are not working and as you all know Front USB ports are very much important any suggestions that how they can be working?

Thanks in Advance.

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Front USB Port not working


There can be 2 possible causes of those mentioned below with a solution.

Your front panel USB cables are not connected to the motherboard.

To connect these cables to motherboard all instructions are available on the image below.

Now the second reason is that Driver for your USB port is not up to date. You can update this driver over the internet.

To update right click on my computer and open device manager, here you can update your USB port driver.

Or you can use any driver updater software easily available over internet.

Just download it and run the update.

Front USB configuration

Hope it works.

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Front USB Port not working


Usually system like the Dell 82801 has a pre-configured hardware which is well installed and assembled but sometimes during the cargo or delivery handling some wires within the system are misplaced or unplugged.

In order to fix the problem at hand, check that your front panel USB connector motherboard is properly connected via wires. Look for possible wire cuts or bruises. You can get new ones from your vendor if you find them bruised or cut.

Make sure that you have properly installed the BIOS and Motherboard drivers (if available) because without a properly installed driver USB Front panel will not work.

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Front USB Port not working


Hello Yasir,

The reason why the USB ports are not working could be due to a virus infection that has disabled the USB ports.

So you should scan your system of any virus attacks and remove them using a strong and updated antivirus.

Some of the strongest antivirus includes AVG, Kaspersky and bitdefender.

Otherwise the USB controllers could be disabled, you will have to enable the using the following procedure:

  1. On your computer Click Start, and then click Run. That is if you are using XP, for windows 7 and vista use the search box.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc in run, and then click OK to open the Device Manager.
  3. Under Universal Serial Bus controllers, look for USB controllers and right click and then uninstall the drivers.
  4. Restart the computer; the computer will search for the USB controllers and install them.
  5. This should help fix the problem.


Lee Hung

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