Problem with over heating of my motherboard.

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I am using Gigabyte motherboard with dual core processor. I am getting message from bios screen that my system got over heating.

When I touched the motherboard cooler fan it was extremely hot.

Can I increase speed of my cooler fan from my system?

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Problem with over heating of my motherboard.


Hi Badhoon,

First of all confirm that your heat sink is fully attached with the surface of your processor. Sometimes heat sink can be touch the processor surface only from one side and from other side it may shows as touch but not physically touched. This happened because the way of people fixing heat sink and cooling fan to the main board.

You need to balance each screw. If you are 100% sure then try with another cooling fan. May be there is error. did you over clocked your machine?

Sometimes these kind of incident can happen due to overcloking. So its not always recommended to over clock your pc.

Normally in PCs Cooling fan is automatically speedup their fan according to the temperature. You don't need to manually adjust it to cool down your system.

From your computer BIOS you may able to change the speed for system fans and other cooling fans (depend on motherboard manufacturer).


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