How many devices can Bluetooth support at the same time?

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At what range does bluetooth operates and what type of radio technology does it use? Since bluetooth uses a master-slave structure, how many devices can a master bluetooth device communicate with? Can it switch roles simultaneously? Why is it necessary to create a bluetooth profile to make a bluetooth device work?

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How many devices can Bluetooth support at the same time?

Bluetooth devices can be differentiated into classes according to its range, namely: 
Range = 100m (Class 1 )
Range = 30m (Class 2)
Range = 1m (Class 3)
Most of mobile phone has a Bluetooth under Class 2. 
Bluetooth uses a short-wavelength UHF (ultra high frequency) radio waves in the ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) band from 2.4 to 2.485 G
Using a master-slave structure,  one master communicates with several slaves up to 7. The master and slave devices can switch roles simultaneously, that is, the slave can become the master. 
I would like to think that what you mean is why is bluetooth profile necessary to make a bluetooth-enabled device work. Such device can only use the Bluetooth if it can interpret its profiles. Understanding the profiles is necessary since it defines different types of applications and so that the device can communicate with other Bluetooth devices . 

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