Problem with the new Apple phone’s open wireless connection

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I recently got the latest version of Apple mobile phone. My previous phone used to connect easily to my Nissan sedan and I had no problems for the past 12 months. Now that I am using the new phone, the basic call-text functionality works whenever I connect it to my car but prompts that it has to establish connection if the open wireless connection is activated. The automobile system prompts that it is still establishing the connection by the phone indicates that connection had already been established. Even if I refresh and reboot my phone, this issue seems to persist.

Then, I tried to attached the phone to that automobile as an auxiliary unit and removed all open wireless connection records and just had the Apple phone as the connected unit but it still had the same problems. I can't seem to establish connection for sounds, how do I resolve this?

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Problem with the new Apple phone’s open wireless connection


I think that you have got the latest iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 4S comes with IOS 5 which is the latest OS released by Apple. So there is a small probability that this new OS might not contain support for your car's system. Try the following thing

– You can try further updating to IOS 5.0.1. There might be a chance that they had solved the issue in that update.

– Try the hard reset of the device. This is pretty useful when you are having strange issues with your device like the one you are facing of connectivity. Here is what you have to do

Hold down the power/sleep button with the home button pushed altogether simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the screen powers off and the apple logo appears at the center of the page. This is an indication that a reboot is in process. Some time you may require repeating this process 2 times.

If you are not able to do the above steps clearly or haven't been able to solve the issue then you need to try the 4 Resets method that are mentioned in this guide

– You can also try buying a new cable called the Kia cable for iPhone. This also solved the issue for few users of iPhone 4.

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