Problem with my MSN Messenger

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Hello Experts,

Today I received this error from MSN Messenger "WLM 80070002 Error" "Service is Temporarily Unavailable" while trying to log into my account. I haven't got the slightest clue on how I may be able to fix the said error.

I tried following some of the instructions given in other websites, but to my avail I do not get good results.

Please help me with this error. 

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Problem with my MSN Messenger

  1. first you check your version of MSN messenger. may be that is having some problem. or there might be some file corrupt in your messenger. try to reinstall it after uninstalling it from Add remove option in control panel.
  2. or you can also try another manual method to fix this
  3. go to the drive where you installed your windows and follow these instructions
  4. Documents and Settings>All Users>Application Data>MicrosoftIdentityCRL> and look for the file named as "ppcrlconfig.dll"
  5. after that remove that file and then also remove any other  installed MSN messenger.
  6. then restart your messenger and try again to log in. it will fix your problem.
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Problem with my MSN Messenger


Dear Andrew,

If you are getting problem in your MSN messenger then you can reinstall a new copy of your messenger and nothing will change. MSN messenger is a window component and it is available in windows add remove program. You just need to go there and then reinstall it from there. It is a simple solution for your problem. The solution may contain some critical file search and then you need to install this file so the better solution is to install it and enjoy the services.

Also here you need to check that there is no virus in your computer if you found some virus in your computer then first of all remove it and then try to install new messenger. As i have shown here from where you can install a new copy of your MSN messenger.

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Problem with my MSN Messenger


Other users also encountered the same problem with Windows Live Messenger. If you receive error code “80070002” when using Windows Live Messenger with a message saying “Service is temporarily unavailable,” it seems the problem has something to do with your user account. To fix the problem, transfer your user profile to a new user account. First, create a new user account with administrator rights.

Once the new account is created, log out your account and restart the computer and then log in to your newly created account. This is just to setup things on the new account. Once Windows is finished setting up the new account, log out your new account and log in back to your user account. Next, open Windows Explorer then click “Tools” and then “Folder Options.”

On the next screen, click “View” tab and select “Show hidden files and folders” and then uncheck “Hide protected operating system files.” Also, make sure “Hide extensions for known file types” is unchecked to view the file names properly. Click “OK.” Now, navigate to “C:\Documents and Settings\[your user account]” and then copy everything except for these files:

  • ntuser.ini
  • ntuser.dat.LOG

Next, navigate to “C:\Documents and Settings\[your new account]” and paste everything you copied. Copying may take a moment depending on the size of the account. When copying is finished, restart your computer and log in to your new account. Now, try using Windows Live Messenger again and see if it works. Once everything is working, you may now delete your old user account.

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