Problem with installing ActivePython on Windows 7

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Hi everyone,

I switched to Windows 7 Pro a week ago, and I have experienced a problem with NumPy and SciPy modules I'm using as a risk manager for my work.

I am unable to install the ActivePython, and as soon as I run the installation the error message appears: "RegSvr32

The module “C:Windowssystem32scrobj.dl” was loaded but the call to DllInstall failed with error code 0x80020101
For more information about this problem, search online using the error code as a search term."

If anyone has an idea what could be causing this problem I would appreciate a comment.
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Problem with installing ActivePython on Windows 7


It might be a software problem or a compatibility issue.It can also be missing updates of the windows 7 operating system.

Solution 1:

You can try updating first your windows 7 because it might be missing some components or files that can only get from updates. It is much better to do this sort of thing first because windows 7 is not stable at first run.

Solution 2:

Try downloading the same software that is compatible to your operating system.

Just search it in Google and then test if the installation will still go to an error. It is a possibility so you can try it.



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Problem with installing ActivePython on Windows 7


Most of the problem in this kind comes from security issue. In your case, a particular dll or dynamic link library file cannot be registered in your registry.

Microsoft Windows 7 is very strict when it comes to security issue. Most of the time, 3rd party developers or application can not registered his DLL unless you are registering in an administrator account.

To fix this, run your installation file as Administrator so that access to the registry is full. This will allow the setup application to register its dynamic link libraries as well as the other components.

Hope this will help and good luck.

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