Problem installation of AVG anti-virus

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i have installed AVG Anti-virus Free Edition and it worked correctly. Now i uninstalled it, because i buy a new version of AVG.

I want to install my new version of anti-virus but it doesn't work! i have an error message : "another version of this product is already installed…"

But i had uninstalled the old version? 

Another version of this product is already

installed. Installation of this version cannot
continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use
Add/Remove Programs on the Control
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Problem installation of AVG anti-virus


Hi there Midov petrev don’t worry about it is not a big problem.

There may be many cause for this. First and the foremost thing is that you have to restart your computer after the uninstallation process of the old antivirus. Second thing is that make sure that you uninstall it from your control panel (if you delete the file of AVG from the program it won’t be uninstall).

Install the old version again by repairing or re-installing and try to uninstall it again if the problem still exists then there is a ultimate solution for this. Back up your files than format the partition where you install your windows using windows installation disk and install the windows again.

You can be able to install the antivirus now.

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Problem installation of AVG anti-virus


From the error you receive, it is clear that there must have been another installation of the AVG Antivirus. What to do is first uninstall the existing AVG Antivirus before you reinstall the version that you want to install. To uninstall go to the control panel then click to remove follow the instructions and after removal remember to shut down your system before restarting to reinstall the new version. If you previously uninstalled it then may be you might not see it in the control panel then the best alternative is to download the uninstalling program from to help you with uninstallation. This works better than going to the control panel and following the procedure.

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Problem installation of AVG anti-virus


Hi Midov,

Since you had AVG on your computer and you are saying that you uninstalled it, there may be some registry settings that are still on the computer. Go to program files in the primary  hard drive and locate the AVG folder and delete it completely.

Just to ensure that AVG is completely removed, run the disk clean-up utility to remove all unused files. I will encourage that you get a software called ccleaner and install it on your system. Run it to remove unused registry settings and broken files.

Restart your computer and then try installing your new AVG again.


Lee Hung.

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