Problem encountered in program uninstallation

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I have this Vista computer, I checked all files, documents and even programs on it. I deleted things which are no longer in use and also those programs that occupy huge spaces.

Mid part of it, I encountered trouble upon uninstalling it. The screen displays that the program is currently in use and needs to be closed first. I closed it then uninstalled it, but still the error occurred.

I closed everything, double checking is done but still the same issue is presently plugging. A little help with this.

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Problem encountered in program uninstallation


Good day, 

Here are ways that might help you uninstalled the program you don't want. Remove the program with clicking the ''add/remove'' program. You will wait until a message will appear that states the uninstalling os failed.

Some programs take a minutes before it responds. Exit with the ''add/remove program'' and proceed to the ''My Computer''. Access the start menu then the Drive C and next is ''Program Files''.

From that folder you can find there a file ''uninstall.exe'' or something that is similar to that option. Then you must remove the program files.

This might work. If still the issue still remains its error, you may dealing with a virus one. Try to restart your computer then press F8 a few times to open the Windows Advanced Options Menu and choose Safe Mode. Scan it, then Delete and Reboot. I hope this could help you.

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Problem encountered in program uninstallation


You can first stop the program and then you can delete it. To do this if you know the name of the program defiantly you will be so now press ALT+CTRL+DEl keys at same time it will show you a window here in this window click processes and check the program you are looking for if it is listed there then remove it form the list by just ending the process for that program.

Now you can delete it program ADD/REMOVE programs.

If the program is running at the start when computer starts then you can disable it also form you start is  also very simple. But the major problem that can be come is that if your file is virus infected.

Because may be it is infected by some virus and that's the reason it is not deleting form your PC. In this case you can find the target of your file and then delete it by deleting the files one by one. You can find the target by going to properties and then clicking find target.

When you find it now you can delete your program files one by one some may not be deleted at the same time so try to delete them latter. I hope you can now solve you problem easily.

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