Problem encountered with Hard Disk

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I was having trouble transferring data from one disk drive to another one. Midway upon the process of copying the data, an error interrupted that shows that my disk drive is having a bad sector and needs to be replaced or it might crash the system fully.

I tried again to transfer the data, I already restarted my computer but still the same error appears. I can't just leave it or make the drive to trash since I have important data there and I should save those data. I need help what should I do?

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Problem encountered with Hard Disk



You should uninstall the program first. Having bad sectors means that data's from that certain sector are not be read. They are sectors on the hard disk that cannot be read.

Download software that could repair the error then follow further instructions from the link upon its usage. After uninstalling the bad sector program, check the hard disk.

If problem still exists then you should really fix it. You can have the program that can get data from the blocks which are written there. This is also a guide for you to fix it manually; On the drive where there is the bad sector, right click it then select properties.

Hit the tools tab and below error-checking, mark that one. Choose the automatically fix file system errors in the dialogue box or and also the attempt recovery of the bad sector check box automatically fix file system errors.

Then you can use this one to try to repair the trouble of your bad sector. I hope you will solve your problem from the choices above.

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Problem encountered with Hard Disk



It is probably a disk sector error and your disk is not working if you have turned your computer with out shutting it down properly. In this case disk contains errors and these errors can be repaired by disk check features. You just need to follow these steps to solve your problem.

Go to Start and then to RUN here type cmd and then you need to type chkdsk. 

It will check your disk and make it error free. One more thing to do is to run your disk defragmenter it is available on this path.

Go to START and then to ALL PROGRAMS and then to ACCESSORIES and then under SYSTEM TOOLS go to disk defragmenter.

Run this tool on your disks that contains errors and you will be able to solve your problem. It is easy and you will be able to solve your problem.

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