MS-Word has encountered a problem and could not exit

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Hi everyone,

I am at home to finished my research work, after I pasted some pictures to my document and finished all the finishing touches, at last I am done. When I want to exit Microsoft Word, it will not close because of some error, I posted below the screen shot of the error.

Microsoft Office has encountered a problem and cannot exit. We are

Sorry for the inconvenience

To force word to edit, click End Now, Any changes you made might be closed if you

Forced the program to exit

To continue waiting for the program to respond, click cancel

This message is very strange to me. I have just used my word last night, and there was no problem. I removed Microsoft Word and add it again. W,hen I try to run it again, open a file, and save the file there is no problem. I think the problem was solved, but when I want to exit Microsoft Word, same error appeared and cannot exit word properly.

Please help me fix Microsoft Word.


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MS-Word has encountered a problem and could not exit


While there is a deleted file or corrupted file like Global template,, dll file or word add in, then this type of error occurs. You may have to rename Global templates in order to resolve the matter i.e. to make global templates right.

The global template can be distinguished as Normal.dotm in MS Word 2007 and in MS Word 2003. If by any chance word add-in is creating any issue, then surely you need to delete it. You must remove the registry settings that give direction towards those add-ins.
In order to fix the files that have been damaged for the reason of corruption, you may need to scan those via applications named Word Repair. These tools are mainly considered as dominant scanning methodology for fixing and reinstating the corrupted Word files.
Such Word Repair software has an easily understandable and user friendly edge.
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MS-Word has encountered a problem and could not exit


This problem is usually caused by an incompatible third party add-in. To test this, Go to start, Run (or press WindowsLogoKey+R), type in:

winword /a

Press ENTER.

Microsoft Word will start in its default mode, ignoring all customization or add-ins. Now, close Microsoft Word to see if the problem persists. If it closes properly, then the problem is indeed the third party add-ins.

To fix it, you need to remove the broken add-ins.

Go to Windows Explorer by right clicking on the Start logo and click Open Windows Explorer, browse to your Microsoft Office folder. There, you'll find a folder named STARTUP (or similar).

Defaulty, it's located on: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12STARTUP

Open the folder and temporarily move any template inside that folder to another folder. Now, put the template back to this STARTUP folder one by one. For each time you move a template back to the folder, open Microsoft Word and check whether it closes properly. If the error return, then the last template you had just moved is the cause of your problem.

Delete it.
 Move the rest of the templates back to STARTUP folder.

Hope it helps:)

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MS-Word has encountered a problem and could not exit


Work has been done in Microsoft Word but there had not quoted fully about the operated computer. Technically you have done unfortunately fault that message was from Microsoft Office. You done work at Microsoft word before you "exit" from Microsoft word rather you open Microsoft office program. So for this reason you couldn't exit from Microsoft word. Meanwhile you have obtained message from Microsoft Office. In what program have you been?

You must take initiatives to turn back to Microsoft Word from Microsoft office.

Both of programs are not same. If you take care regarding smooth operation of computer,seriously alert of the programs you will solve your programs problems.

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