Problem with CCC after upgrade

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Hello, I think that maybe my problem started when I upgraded CCC to the latest version. I am now getting an error and the message says "CCC encountered some errors while accessing files on the source or updating items on the destination". There’s also a notification that says "an error occurred while CCC was replacing this item on the destination". This affects /volumes/Lacie/Applications/… and /volumes/Lacie/Applications/ resou…

Please give me some light on this. Thanks!

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Problem with CCC after upgrade


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This error occurs only due to the reason that after upgrade you have not provided CCC the permissions to archive, modify or delete items unique to the destination folders.

For example, you have a folder you regularly back up, and suddenly what you do is that you simply delete this folder from your startup disk, and keep an alias to the folder already in the backup volume, which is accessible to you without any issue.

When CCC runs, it does not recognize this Alias, and the error is generated, because CCC protects the backup volume and refuses to replace the folder in backup volume with an alias (file)

You can simply mark the files where CCC is generating errors as “leave untouched” and you will be able to perform the rest of the tasks without issues.



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Problem with CCC after upgrade


The error is probably due to the upgrade that you did. Some of the files that were added to the application database may have caused it to malfunction and therefore making you get the errors that you are experiencing now. I will suggest that you restore the system to a state before you installed the updates as follows:

  • On your computer click on start and then type 'system restore' in the search field.
  • Press enter to open the system restore window.
  • When the window  opens, choose the restore point and make sure that it is a time before you started experiencing the problem.
  • Let the system restore process run till it finishes.

After you have restored the system it should be able to work properly.

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