A problem of Avira antivirus

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I am using Avira as an antivirus. As a user, I think it is very simple to use. So, I prefer Avira as an antivirus. But recently I have faced a problem.

The problem is, Avira detects some gaming softwares .exe file as virus, but I know that those files are not virus or unwanted files. So, I cannot enjoy those games. Can anyone give me a solution without uninstalling Avira? Thank you.

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A problem of Avira antivirus


If you don't want to uninstall Avira Antivirus, I suggest you to do these options.

1. Before you play games, try to deactivate first your Avira Antivirus just by clicking the Avira Icons on desktop, in Antivir Guard click deactivate, then try to open .exe shortcut of your games.

2. If Antivirus still detects .exe, you must first clean your PC. Maybe it contains some trojans, worms or unwanted files. In these applications, I'll assure  you that all unwanted files will be deleted.

You may also try to download some Anti-malware, you can download in this website (www.malwarebytes.org) then wait for it to finish, after that install, update and scan your PC. When it's done, malwarebytes will ask you to reboot your pc. I'll assure you that unwanted files are well quarantine now.

3. If it still detects .exe file. Try to change your antivirus, you may try Eset Nod32 Free Antivirus. Eset does not detects .exe files based on my use. 

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A problem of Avira antivirus


Hello Avijit.

Are you, by an chance, running a manipulated copy of games?  All antiviruses usually detect key generators, game patches and other programs for circumventing copy protection as malicious programs.  If you are sure your games are legit then please try my suggestions below:

1.  Update the virus definitions.  It is not uncommon for antiviruses to have "false positives" wherein it detects legit programs and files as viruses or malware.  Try to update first because these false positives are usually fixed once any of their users report such errors.

2.  Add the executables to the Exceptions of Avira Antivirus.  From the menu, go to Extras and click on Configuration (or just press F8).  Enable Expert Mode. Open Scanner > Scan > Exceptions. 

Click on the "…" button and browse to the specific file that you want to add to the exceptions.  Here are some screenshots to help you find it.

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