Printer Spooler Stopped Functioning when Printing Documents

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I have a laptop with Windows 7 as its operating system. I’ve been doing lots of office tasks with the help of my laptop, especially printing fax and other documents. Recently, I’ve encountered a problem regarding my printer. Whenever I try to print documents, a message pops-up saying that the printer spooler stopped functioning.

So, I tried searching the net for solutions regarding the issue I’m facing. I’ve search the net for different solutions to this problem and decided to give each of them a try, but still no luck. I kept on scrutinizing my printer and laptop but only manage to make my printer work once. I would like to ask every one of you for help regarding this matter. I’d definitely be thankful to everyone who can help.

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Printer Spooler Stopped Functioning when Printing Documents


Hello Kristine Soliven,

First of all print spooler errors happen all the time, they are very common. If the print spooler stops working, the specific data that completes a requested print job is not transferred to the location and is then not noticed by the printer.

So without the print spooler, your chances of printing anything is lost. There are ways to fix this, do not worry you have not lost your printer.

  1. First you can see if the printer driver is out of date or it is missing so try running the program DriverUpdate by SlimWare Utilities.
  2. If that doesn't do it then you can try to install a program called FixCleaner by SlimWare. This program helps to find any errors just like the one you are experiencing and tries to fix the problem, by replacing certain files.

Sounds like to me the file you are missing is spoolsv.exe, the program that I mentioned above should be able to spot out that corrupted file and fix it.

If none of those options work and you have no other way, what you could do is just reinstall the whole printer, delete all drivers and just reinstall, remember to always install the driver first before plugging in your USB connected to the printer.


Jeremy Asbridge

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