Power Supply Unit temperature tolerance

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Base on the Vcore Temperature Monitoring in the BIOS, how can I tell if my Power Supply Unit has problem? Is there an indication that the power supply unit is about to fail?

I notice the Temperature of the Vcore in the BIOS, some computers has higher than the +1.8V, +3.30V, +5.00V and +12.00V and some computers has lower than the +1.8V, +3.30V, +5.00V and +12.00V.


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Power Supply Unit temperature tolerance


Symptoms of a Failing Power Supply.

Power supply hardly shows symptoms that it’s about to fail usually it just dies and that’s it you just have to replace it.
But here are some lists of power supply failure symptoms:
  • You hear strange annoying noise at the back of your computer where you plug in the power cord to the power supply.
  • Computers take minutes to turn on. No matter how many times you press the power button nothing happens to your computer.
  • Your computer turns on and then turns off again.
  • After you turn on your computer and open some games or application that required heavy processes your computer turns off or you get a blue screen of death for windows user.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It in NOT advisable to manually check you power supply as it requires knowledge on electrical matters.
It may cost damage to the power supply and most importantly to you. Let a certified electrician do the job for you.

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