Popup server error printing due to bad connection

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I want to print some files from my office and sometimes I have this kind of error. I checked the Internet connection and is working just fine so I don’t know why it can’t contact the Popup Server. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ?

Thank you !

The print job has been aborted because pharos popup failed to contact the popup server.

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Popup server error printing due to bad connection


Well there can be various reasons responsible for the above dysfunction of the printing job.

  • Presence of Firewall in between "Client  system" and "Popup and respective LPD server". If it so the make sure the

    • port 28203 &
    • port 515

are left open for the Pheros popup traffic

  • Mismatch in current spool queue name. To check this ..

    • keep ticked "alert for messages from the MAC clients", found within << "Pharos Administrator<<System" option.
    • This issue can  be resolved by –

      • either correct spool queue name in the server and complete the task by performing change control.
      • or create a new printer on client system with the name matching with server
  • spool queue name error . If  spool queue  name contains  "spaces" in between, it will cause error. To avoid this use "%20" instead of "space" . E.g.

"Print my file" should be "Print%20my%20file"

  • Issue due to network. You need to connect via complete server name for Mac, when using Pheros 6.1. Or use IP address of the server in poppup://URI.

Hope you can resolve your issue using either of the methods.


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