Poor CPU performance and High RAM usage due to unknown background applications

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My computer is hanging again and again. You can imagine the severity of this problem as I have to use Alt+Ctrl+Delete at least 6 times in an hour. There are various softwares running in the background which are not known to me. I opened up the task manager and saw the memory usage. There are several apps which are taking 30% of the RAM usage and I don't know even a single app from those. Please tell me some of the unwanted background applications, which can be closed to increase the CPU performance.

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Poor CPU performance and High RAM usage due to unknown background applications


I guess you have an infected computer. This can happen if you have or you are using a not so reliable antivirus application on your computer. In most cases where the problem is so severe that you can no longer use the computer or your desktop icons all disappeared, the solution is to format the hard drive and install Microsoft Windows again.

But I guess the issue on your computer is not yet that severe. Since, I have a doubt that you have a virus on your computer because of unknown programs running in the background, download and install the Sophos Virus Removal Tool. Visit Sophos Virus Removal Tool 2.5 to download the application.

This is the best tool to use on an already infected computer. It uses cutting edge technology available in their enterprise-grade software. This tool has direct access to SophosLabs virus data which is their global network of threat researchers. To use the tool, you need to remain connected to the internet once Sophos is installed when scanning your computer.

To make sure your computer is clean, repeat the scan until the tool no longer detects a virus.

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