Need Help CPU Usage 100%

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My laptop is very slow. I have re-installed, changed different OS, but it's still very slow.

Last time I checked CPU Usage and it reached 100%. I have scanned it with anti-malware, but nothing changed.

Is there any solution?

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Need Help CPU Usage 100%


Laptop speed always depends on processor, RAM and running programs. If your laptop configuration is very low you will not get a good support or speed from your laptop. But you can take many techniques to get the genuine speed that would be optimum for your configuration.

  1. We always use an antivirus for our computer safety. But you don't use Norton antivirus for a lower configure. Because it reduces the laptop speed more. This is the customer reaction that already uses the antivirus.
  2. The program should be used minimum. Don’t install an unnecessary program.
  3. Go to start >> Run >> write on the box msconfig >> Press enter >> Select Startup Menu >> select only necessary startup options.
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Need Help CPU Usage 100%


To increase your laptop speed, the laptop Random Access Memory (RAM) should be revised. You can add RAM to your laptop. RAM helps CPU to run the program very fast and without interrupt.

First step:

Identify your laptop's performance. Purchase correct RAM for your laptop. The laptop needs 512MB of Memory and it is preferable for ordinary day to day work.

Next step:

Switch off the power arrange the advance precaution for safety. Open the corresponding door. It is placed in the bottom side of the laptop. Now insert the new RAM in correct position (see the picture). After setup the RAM you close the door normally. Switch on the power. Turn on the laptop.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Now your laptop will work in a fast manner.

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Need Help CPU Usage 100%


Since I have been facing this problem but I couldn't find any reliable solution for this problem.
I had reinstalled my window's minimum of 7-8 times to get rid of this problem but got no good result.
And I was probably sick out of this problem but finally I have found the solution .If you are facing 100% CPU usage.
The problem just go to control panel there you go to programs and features there you can find an option like.
"Turn windows features" on or off select this and there you can find a list of windows program.
All you have to do that you unchecked the two options. One is internet explorer 8 and other one is windows media player and windows media center which could be found under.
Media option just disables this too and your CPU usage will go down to 5% between i am using Windows 7 .

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