Play poker stars the computer has slowed down

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Hi, each time my father tries to play poker stars on his computer random windows do pop up. As a result, the computer has slowed down. What is the problem and how can I fix this? I am seeking for a solution that will not cost me because I am broke right now. Who can help me with the solution or idea? I would gladly appreciate.

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Play poker stars the computer has slowed down


Hi Guru,


Usually, a flash player can cause your PC to slow. Unstable builds of flash player causes this. Try to update your flash to a stable build. If this doesn't fix it. It could be you PC slowing down. Try to download and  activate pop-up blockers for your browser as well.

Hope this helps.


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Play poker stars the computer has slowed down



Dear I-Guru


I have read your question and I understand that you need to help your father play his game without having issues with his computer.

1-     Whether your father plays this game online or it is downloaded to the computer, it is very important to run a full system scan and make sure that the computer is free of viruses, then start the computer and try again.

2-     If you are still having windows popping up, then you should consider downloading the game software again, and it is very important to download it from a secure place like the official site of the game

3-      You can uninstall the game safely from clicking on start menu, then control panel, then uninstall programs, you will find a list of all the programs that you downloaded, click on the program you want to delete ( your game ) and uninstall it, once your done click finish and restart your computer.

Download PokerStars again and install it to your computer.

4-     If your computer is still slow after downloading the game then try to check the following:

–      Try not to run any program in the computer while you play that game.

–      Try to delete unnecessary programs from your computer (the same way from start menu and control panel) because may be your game needs more space.

–      Do a disk clean up by clicking on start then control panel then disk cleanup, it will show you how much you can free your hard drives


–      Make sure that your computer is not overheating while you play ( clean the dust from your computer )

–      If your computer is still slow, then it might need more virtual memory, you can download this program for free that gives your computer and games the best performance.


Best Of Luck

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