Test Mail Sending Error message

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I have sent many times test mails for checking server’s connectivity and it works always . But the last time when I sent a test mail after setting up the server, I received this error as in the above image. I have checked well the ever settings there’s nothing that I see missed but still it gives the error.

To get this solved ,I re-installed the server and reset its settings, but again when I sent an test mail it gave the same error again. Now I am a bit confused here, that why is that happening when there is no problem with the server or its settings.

If anyone of you have been ever through this type of error and have got it solved ,then please share your experience with me, so I can get out of this problem.

Thank you!

Test Email Failed

The test email could not be sent.

Check the mail server settings and try again.

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Test Mail Sending Error message


First you have to tell exactly what problem you are facing, is it on out look or it is on the server.

Any how if it is on the server or on outlook you can choose the following to make it effective.

First check your mail services you are using they are not blocked by your administrator, for that go to the services and check it. 

it can be accessed by typing services.msc here check your email services.

The second way is check the following commands to check your service.









These are the all options available in your case you can try them and work on them.

Also see your port numbers, are they set to the location where they have to be.

John consult.

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Test Mail Sending Error message


That is a problem with the settings that you are using, and specifically the SMTP settings since the problem is affecting the messages that have to be send.

You will need to check the following:

  • Check if there are any spelling mistakes that have been made, for instance writing STMP instead of SMTP.
  • Also check if there is a mix up of characters, such as using commas in declaring instead of using full dots, for instance, SMTP, yahoo.com.
  • You will need to rectify such errors if found.
  • Restart the mail server to refresh the network connections.
  • Restart the computer too, and then start the test again and see if it will work.

Clair Charles

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