Perform Outlook Junk Email Settings Instead To Delete

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Hello everyone, I am observing that I am deleting few emails and instead of getting remove it is moving to the junk files. I want to change this outlook junk email settings. I am currently working on Outlook 2010. Kindly help me out.

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Perform Outlook Junk Email Settings Instead To Delete


1) Navigate to the home tab.

2) Open mail, choose Delete section.

3) Click Junk and pick Junk e-mail Options.

4) Under the Options tab enable permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of

moving it to the Junk E-mail folder.

This procedure will make your deleted emails to permanently delete instead of moving in junk files.

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Perform Outlook Junk Email Settings Instead To Delete


If you are using Microsoft Office Outlook as your email client and you want to change the level of protection for your spam filter, here’s how it is done. This applies to Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 and higher. In Microsoft Office Outlook, go to “Home” then under “Delete” group, click “Junk” then “Junk E-mail Options”. After this, select the level of protection you want.

You can set the protection level from No Automatic Filtering, Low, High, up to Safe Lists Only. With “No Automatic Filtering”, the automatic Junk Email Filter is turned off but messages are still evaluated by using the email addresses and domain names in the Blocked Senders List. With “Low”, you can set the protection to this level when you are not receiving too many junk mails.

With “High”, this level is best if you receive too many junk mails but you don’t want to limit messages from senders on your safe lists. With “Safe Lists Only”, this is the most restrictive option. When you set the protection to this level, any messages that are not from someone on your Safe Senders List or Safe Recipients List is classified as junk.

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