Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts

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Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts.

Can anyone help with all shortcuts available for this FF browser?

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Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts


Hello Wachindra, there a lot whole shortcut keys of Mozilla Firefox making one enough speedy while surfing web. However, there are following shortcut keys which are commonly used.

Back (Alt + Left Arrow Key)

Forward (Alt + Right Arrow Key)

Home ( Alt + Home button)

Refresh / Reload (F5 or Ctrl + R)

Bottom of Page (End)

Top of Page (Home)

Close Current Tab (Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4)

New Tab (Ctrl + N)

Next Tab (Ctrl + Tab)

Previous Tab (Ctrl + Shift + Tab)

Reopen Close Tab (Ctrl + Shift + T)

Bookmark / Favorite (Ctrl + D)

Download Window (Ctrl + Shift + Y)

Page Source (Ctrl + U)

Add .com address (Ctrl + Enter)

Add .net address (Shift + Enter)

Add .org address (Ctrl + Shift + Enter)

Full Screen (F11)


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Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts


Hi Wachindra

Firefox is the best tool to browse internet. There are variety of shortcuts available in Firefox.




Go to Previous Page

Alt+ ←


Go to Next Page

Alt+ →

Shift + Backspace

Go to Home Page

Alt+ Home


Open File

Ctrl + O


Stop Loading



Refresh Page


Ctrl + R


Ctrl + C



Ctrl + X



Ctrl + V





Select All

Ctrl + A



Ctrl +Z



Ctrl + Y


Close tab

Ctrl + W

Ctrl + F4

Close Window

Ctrl+ Shift+ W

Alt+ F4

New Tab

Ctrl+ T


New Window

Ctrl+ N


Next Tab

Ctrl+ Tab

Ctrl+ Page Down

Previous Tab

Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab

Ctrl+ Page Up

Tab Groups View

Ctrl+ Shift+ E


History sidebar

Ctrl+ H


Bookmark current Page

Ctrl+ D


Bookmarks sidebar

Ctrl+ B

Ctrl+ I

Complete .com Address

Ctrl+ Enter


Complete .net Address

Shift+ Enter


Complete .org Address

Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter


Toggle Full Screen



Toggle Menu Bar




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Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts


Hi Wachindra

There are tons of shortcuts available for doing just about anything in Firefox. Here's a list of some that I use frequently.

Open File: Ctrl + O

Add a bookmark: Ctrl + D

Clear private data: Ctrl + Shift + Del

Full screen:  F11

Complete .com address:  Ctrl + Enter

Cut: Ctrl + X

Copy: Ctrl + C

Paste: Ctrl + V

Find in this page: Ctrl + F

New Tab: Ctrl + T

Close Tab: Ctrl + W

Save page as: Ctrl + S

Print: Ctrl + P

Hope this helps.

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Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts


Dear ,

There are many kind of shortcut in Fire Fox such as about Navigation, current page, Editing, search, Windows & Tab, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Miscellaneous, Media shortcuts.

Navigation shortcuts is given below

Command                                Shortcut

Back                                           Alt + Backpace

Forward                                     Alt + Shift + Backpace

Home                                        Alt + Home

Open file                                     Ctrl +  O

Reload                                          F5

                                                        Ctrl + R

Reload ( override cache )        Ctrl + F5

                                                        Ctrl + Shift + R

Stop                                              Esc

Shortcuts about Current Page

Command                             Shortcut

Go to Bottom of Page            End

Go to Top of Page                  Home

Move to next Frame                F6

Move to Previous Frame         Shift + F6

Print                                             Ctrl + P

Save Page As                            Ctrl + S

Zoom In                                      Ctrl + +

Zoom Out                                   Ctrl + –

Zoom Reset                                Ctrl + 0

Shortcut about Editing

Command                         Shortcut

Copy                                   Ctrl + C

Cut                                      Ctrl + X

Delete                                 Del

Paste                                  Ctrl + V

Redo                                  Ctrl + Y

Select  All                            Ctrl + A

Undo                                 Ctrl + Z

Shortcuts about Search

Command                        Shortcut

Find                                     Ctrl + F

Find Again                          F3

                                            Ctrl+ G

Find Previous                     Shift + F3

                                              Ctrl + Shift + G

Quick Find Within link-text only        ,

Quick Find                                             /

Close the find or Quick find bar          Esc

Windows & Tabs

Close Tab                  Ctrl + W

                                      Ctrl + F4

Close Window            Ctrl +  Shift + W

                                         Alt + F4

New Tab                      Ctrl + T

New Window              Ctrl + N

Next Tab                         Ctrl + Tab

Previous Tab                   Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Undo Close Tab                Ctrl + Shift + T

Select Tab 1 to 8                  Ctrl + 1 to 8

Shortcuts about History

Command                      Shortcut

History side bar            Ctrl + H

Library window              Ctrl + shift + H

Shortcut about Bookmarks

Command                      Shortcut

Bookmark All Tab            Ctrl + Shift + D

Bookmark This page       Ctrl + D

Bookmarks sidebar           Ctrl + B

Shortcuts about Media

Command                          Shortcut

Toggle play / pause               Space bar

Decrease Volume                   Down button

Increase Volume                     Up button

Mute audio                                  Ctrl + Down button

Unmute audio                                 Ctrl + Up button

Seek back 15 seconds                  Left button

seek back 10%                               Ctrl + left button

Seek to the end                               End

I think it will help you to use Shortcuts.

Thank you.

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Perform common Firefox tasks quickly by shortcuts


Hi, these are the short keys for Mozilla Firefox:

Alt+Home – Go to Hompage

Alt+Left Arrow – Back

Alt+Right Arrow – Forward

Backspace – Back a page

F5- Refresh

F11- Full Screen

Ctrl+(+)/ Ctrl+(-) – increase/ Decrease font size

Ctrl+D- Add Bookmark

Ctrl+I – Display Bookmarks

Ctrl+J – Display Download Window

Ctrl+N – Open New Browser

Ctrl+P – Print Page

Ctrl+T – New tab

Ctrl+Shift+T – close selected tab

Ctrl+Shift+T – Undo close window

Ctrl+Tab – Move to the open tabs

Space Bar – Moves page down

Shift+Space Bar- Moves up page

Alt+Down Arrow – Display previous text in the textbox

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