Firefox hang up and do not respond

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Recently, I installed Firefox 4.01 on my computer. I used it without any problem for 2 weeks. But now it hangs when I start it or after a few minutes after startup. My PC doesn't have any viruses. Don’t tell me to install any Antivirus for this issue. Do I need to reinstall it or what?


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Firefox hang up and do not respond


You did not write any details about what you added in your Firefox. But, from my experience, this type of problem occurs when you have a corrupted update in Firefox. For solving this, install Firefox again and then update it. If this doesn’t solve your problem then try this:

1. Start your Firefox in Safe Mode, disabling all add-ons and continue surfing for sometimes. If it doesn’t hang up, then there is an Add-on that causes this problem. To solve this problem, detect which add-on is doing this. Then uninstall it.

2. Clear your cache and restart your Firefox. This may solve the problem.

3. If you're using any theme or background selector, like Persona, then try to uninstall it.

4. You can also uninstall a plug-in from the company that you don’t know. It may solve the problem.

That’s all you can do. If all these steps don’t solve your problem, you have to do a fresh installation of Firefox.

Firefox has released its new version recently.  You can download it from Firefox web page.

Download Link1

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Firefox hang up and do not respond


Dear John Filby,

You have a bit ambiguous and unclear question but I shall try to help you out. First of all dear, the Firefox version you are using is quite outdated.

The latest version for Firefox is 6 along with some latest updates and releases. You have an answer to your question i.e. You have to reinstall Firefox. It is quite obvious and known that sometimes this browser stack without alerting any apparent problem.

I figured out when some add-ons are associated along with Firefox old versions. It behaves like what you've mentioned. So dear, better you uninstall this old version of Firefox.

Try to remove registry entries and then reinstall Firefox 6. It's a freeware and available on the web easy.

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