PDF File print error-there was a problem processing document.

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I have two documents which are in PDF format. When I print 1 PDF it works well, but when I tried to print another PDF this error appeared, and I can’t print the file.

Is there something error with the other file?

What error causes it not to print?

Please help me.

Print Error

There was a problem processing document ’Jason Brooks-1.pdf’(job 3)

PDF FILE-Print error.

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PDF File print error-there was a problem processing document.


Hi friend,

Error with PDF file print in Linux is more complicated. You need to manage and find real problem before got a solution. First make sure that the printer driver software in Linux is working properly. To test this prints a simple page. If it is not working then reset printer and install a fresh copy of driver software.

If your printer and its driver is working perfectly with others then you need to download a kernel version for that reason. You can download a kernel for PDF reader tools. Here is a link for download kernel for PDF reader tool. https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/downloads/kernelpdfrepair.exe.

Repair that PDF with it and then try to print.

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