PC Suite: “Unrecognized Device” Error on connecting phone via USB

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I've reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit) recently, and once I had everything set up (additional apps, preferences, etc.). I found out about a new problem with the PC Suite software. Once I try to connect the phone (Vivaz Pro) via USB (in PC Suite mode), Windows immediately recognizes the device (and the phone starts charging), but PC Suite says "device couldn't be recognized".

I've tried restarting the phone & computer, uninstalling and reinstalling PC Suite, using both an original and a newly purchased USB cable, using another USB port, and even REINSTALLING WINDOWS 7 TWICE, but it keeps coming up with the same problem. My phone software/firmware is up-to-date, and I'm using the most recent version of PC Suite (6.011.00). 
Any suggestions are welcome.
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PC Suite: “Unrecognized Device” Error on connecting phone via USB


Hi Kingsley,

It’s too bad you invested so much time and effort into making your Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro phone work with PC Suite without much success.

According to Sony Ericsson’s website, the PC suite no longer supports the Vivaz Pro phone. In its place instead is a compatible software called PC Companion. Download and try out your phone with it . It would be possible now to sync your Microsoft Outlook contacts with your phone.

If you insist on trying to make PC Suite work with your phone, here is a download link for the application, which includes the latest USB driver for your phone. Instructions below:

  • Open the downloaded setup file.
  • Install when prompted to do so. If running Windows 7, Right click to select “Run in compatibility mode”
  • Follow prompts to finish the installation program files folder.
  • Restart.
  • Plug in your Vivaz Pro mobile phone
  • Launch the PC Suite.

NOTE: It may not work for you. If it does not detect your mobile phone, just download PC Companion above, which is more compatible.

There are cases reported about Microsoft Outlook 2010 not syncing well with the phone using PC Suite. The Sony Ericsson support team reported that PC Suite is not compatible with Outlook 2010.

There is an alternative application to PC Suite that you can try out. It’s called My Phone Explorer. Install and connect mobile phone to see if detected. App support is present for Sony Ericsson type mobile phones, as well as syncing contacts from Outlook 2010.

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PC Suite: “Unrecognized Device” Error on connecting phone via USB


The PC suit connection may not be recognized due to several reasons. You may be able to resolve your problem.

Solution 1:

  • First you have to restart your computer and remove your SIM card from the phone.
  • Wait for sometime while your computer is restarting.
  • When your Windows starts, then connect your phone again
  • Switch on your phone.
  • Then active your Bluetooth from your phone.
  • Then pc suit will recognize the phone.

Solution 2:

  • Go to cookie menu and close all applications.
  • Then try to connect your phone via PC zit.
  • It should be connected automatically.
  • If it will not be connected then click on the system tray and right click on the PC suite.
  • Then click on the manage connections and choose the USB option. Then your phone will be recognized by PC suite.

Solution 3:

  • Go to device manager and select on the view top and top down.
  • It will show all hidden devices.
  • Then you have to uninstall all USB related drivers.
  • Unplug your PC suite.
  • Restart your computer for two times.
  • Install the latest version of the PC suite.
  • Connect your phone by PC suite and your phone will be recognized.

Solution 4:

  • Go to control panel and click on Add or Remove Hardware option.
  • Select your PC suite and click and you will see the uninstall / change option.
  • You have to click on the change option and select repair option.
  • Restart your PC and keep it unplugged for 5-10 minute.
  • Then switch on your computer connect your phone by PC suite.

Solution 5:

If you can’t resolve the problem from the above methods, then you can setup Windows Vista and try it again in a different USB port.

Solution 6:

If the problem can’t be resolved then the problem comes from your phone. You should back your phone and PC suite registries. Then flash your cable driver and run PC suit cleaner. Then Install the latest version of PC suite again and connect a phone with a genuine cable by PC Suite.

Hope your problem will be solved.

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