Panasonic new microP2 SD-sized storage

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Panasonic will be releasing the new microP2 SD-sized storage next year, how can I check if this new microP2 card is compatible with my existing digital camera and smartphone?

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Panasonic new microP2 SD-sized storage


Hello Edward.

The MicroP2 storage system is designed for use in P2 devices.  P2 (abbreviation for Professional Plug-in) is a solid-state memory storage format created by Panasonic 8 years ago.  Products that use the P2 storage format are Panasonic professional broadcast cameras, camcorders and such.

P2 devices previously used regular SD cards which severely limited its storage capacity.  With the MicroP2 system, P2 devices can now make use of Class 10 and higher SDHC cards and, of course, the MicroP2 cards.

As I mentioned above, devices that will use MicroP2 storage are P2 devices which are professional and military grade video recording and broadcasting equipment – certainly not your typical home video camcorder, digicam or smartphone.

So to answer your question, we cannot expect any of our usual gadgets to be compatible with MicroP2 storage devices.

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