PAM Error when upgrading Plesk with CentOS

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I am trying to upgrade Plesk 10.3.1 to 10.4.4 with CentOS. When upgrading the Parallels Panel, I received an error:

WARNING: The PAM configuration is in inconsistent state. If you proceed with the installation, the required PAM modules will not be installed and the upgrade procedure will fail. Some PAM services reference the following nonexistent services: password-auth.
How can I correct this? I already tried re-installing pam but it doesn’t help.
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PAM Error when upgrading Plesk with CentOS



Dear Ryan lewis,
According to the PAM error you got, try to check that there are config files in /etc/pam.d/ which include other unexisting configs. The syntax for including a config file is: <facility> include <filename>, where <filename> is a name of included config file and that file must exist. To prevent this error:
  • Find the package that provides config files using the command: "rpm –qf etc/pam.d/authconfig-tui" and remove that package which is prompted after running the previous command "authconfig-<version>".
  • Temporarily rename config file to <oldname> while installing Plesk.
  • Comment all the lines with references to unexisting configs in the configuration file.
Hope this may help you.
Best of luck.

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