Packet error rate (PER) in stop-and-wait ARQ

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I just can not think of this troublesome thing. Guessing one system that uses stop-and-wait ARQ, is it included in the packet of PER which must be sent again? Doesn’t that imply the PER value possibility in a packet contains error? When it is yes then every moment of receiving any packet there’s a PER possibility it is invalid. Once again when the possibility is invalid at then 2ndmoment then that must send again also the again sent packet got a PER’s possibility that is this arrives having an error. Besides, the thing is like containing an error then that has to be sent again & carries on. This would mean no similarity is available in the whole PER also the PER provided from the value of Bar. Moreover, doesn’t the value of PER truly have the possibility of a single packet having little error instead the whole ratio in between right and wrong packets got during the whole moment along with the packets those had been sent again?Is there anyone who can make this clear to me?

Thank you for your support

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Packet error rate (PER) in stop-and-wait ARQ


Hello Sherry,

I do not think there is a standard that defines the Packet Error Rate explicitly. And in case there is one n the megatons of literature, then it is possible that there could be several different standards, so in that case you will need to be more specific. It will be more practical to say that most would just have the resent packages in their figures which won't represent some small fractions of their values.




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