Opera operating system is so slow

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Once upon a time opera operating software was very popular I also use

it But now a day's it's popularity user decreases. What is the reason of it?

please describe me about it ? And I also feel that it is very slow to use.


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Opera operating system is so slow


I previously used Opera browser in Windows XP. But then I shifted to Windows 7 and never used it again. Here are some reasons that why Opera Browser is decreasing its popularity.

The first reason is that

  • Internet Explorer is available by default on Windows.
  • Safari is installed by default on Mac,
  • Firefox/Chromium the default on several Linux distributions.

But opera is not default in any operating system.

Moreover, we see IE9, Chrome, and Firefox with Google Toolbar ads on the internet but never seen Opera ads. It may be due to poor finance or bad marketing strategy, but Opera is surely much better than any other browser and must be in first place. Not to mention the incompatibility of the browser from other applications, websites and its usage. I found this Opera Browser amazing and I will install it.

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Opera operating system is so slow


The popularity of a browser decreases if there are new browsers that are faster and reliable than the Opera. There have been updates and added features on the current Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer that made them more popular and convenient to use than the Opera.

If you are experiencing slow performance on your current browser, update it to the latest version. The latest version is fast and doesn’t need to reconfigure. Opera has some features wherein you can boost its performance. You can try to enable the Opera Turbo on the status bar to make your download speed fast.


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