Opening of partner program for all by You tube

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Now that You tube has opened its partner program for every one to use this feature, how does an average person learn how to utilize this program?

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Opening of partner program for all by You tube



The new partner program of YouTube website helps an ordinary person to upload and share their videos through their website with no extra cost. Posting your videos that you think everybody will like and love it, will definitely give you an extra income. You can always upload your videos anytime and anywhere in your own convenience as long as you have an internet connection and a working computer. You can definitely show the world of your masterpiece for free and while earning. Check YouTube’s site or visit this URL for further information.

Please refer to the link below.

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Opening of partner program for all by You tube


Any one can create an account on YouTube and upload their videos. You just need your Google account or Gmail account to login to YouTube. Uploading is easy. Any videos you like sharing can be uploaded to your account and be viewed by others. When you upload a video, it will not be published right away.

The video is checked first by site staff and needs approval before it goes live. When it is approved, the video will go live and will be included among the latest uploaded videos. It will receive “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” ratings which are from the users who viewed your videos.

While uploading is easy, earning money with it is different. YouTube offers its users the chance to earn money out of their videos. You don’t actually earn from your video. You get to earn from the ads that will be displayed with the video during playback. But in order for this to happen, your video should first qualify for monetization.

Generally, not all videos are approved. If your video has background music from popular music artists, it won’t be accepted for monetization. In order to be accepted for monetization, your video should not include any copyrighted material and you should own the video. The songs or music from different music artists are all copyrighted so you can’t use them.

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