More about cloud computing its advantages and disadvantages.

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I have just established a new company and realized the cost of maintaining computers is just too high, could someone tell me if it is a sound option to consider cloud computing. How efficient can this be to my ever growing network and is it pocket friendly?

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More about cloud computing its advantages and disadvantages.



Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud computing. Hope this will make your idea about cloud computing more clearer.


Hosting your information on an outsourced system (that is maintained by a third-party) can really free up space and cut costs. With cloud hosting, you can:

• Access your data at all times – not just while in the office
• A physical storage center is no longer needed
• Most have a pay structure that only calls for payment only when used
• Relieves burden on IT Professionals and frees up their time in the office
• Easily scalable so companies can add or subtract storage based on their own needs


If you are going to move all of your information to data centers situated outside your company, then security should be of utmost importance.

• Lost control comes with handing over your data and information
• Depending on third-party to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and information
• If your cloud host disappears, where does your information go?

If you are a small business, or even a Fortune 500 company, cloud computing can take a large expense and make it work for your budget. Funding the servers, software, and information technology professionals can be a real burden and finding cost-efficient means through cloud hosting can be very beneficial. 


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More about cloud computing its advantages and disadvantages.


Cloud computing helps you save money. You don't need to buy expensive high storage hard drive. In this itself, you can save money. Instead of buying high memory storage data like 80 GB hard drive or more.

This is an expensive hardware. You will have then an option to buy the cheapest because you can make use of the cloud computing.

In cloud computing, you can store data up to 5 GB file. This is big and some offer more than that. It's an easy access and ready all the time. You can also download the file directly into your computer without installing an application to run the file.

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