One or more critical stop error have occurred.

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I am getting this strange error message quite often. Can someone please help me solve this problem. The host file is in C:windowssystem32driversetchosts. 

I don't understand why this error keeps on showing up.

Thanks a lot.


One or more critical STOP errors have occurred. Use the error messages below to guide you or call your administrator . Message (12:58:16 pm) ClrObject static method invocation error.

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One or more critical stop error have occurred.


First, you have to ensure that ever you installed one .Net Business Connector, and created two
configurations in the AX Config. Utility use is for the Business Connector. There only one AX Configuration can be energetic at the similar time. Now activate the second if you want, but the first one will not work any longer.

Now you have ensure that,custom code or out of the box. Just ensure that, where is this import process running, server or client? If it is custom code then you have to wrote, make sure to give it new FileIoPermission (fileName, 'rw').assert();

If you again get that message then you have to close the stream after sending email.

Here I provide a code that might help you:

fileStream = attachment.get_ContentStream();


Additional matter can be with the permissions, emphasize the permissions before deleting.

Hope you will get rid from error message.

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