Compatibility Error on Windows XP and its earlier version

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Now-a-days Windows XP is one of the most popular operating systems for home PCs. Windows XP run the computer programs properly, that particularly written for windows XP versions, but some older programs that were written for earlier versions of the Windows having compatibly problems to run in Windows XP.

Now give solution, how I install older application? Thanks folks.

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Compatibility Error on Windows XP and its earlier version


Many of the older software may not run correctly if you just click on the program's executable file in Windows XP. There can be many reasons to this. It may be that the program uses DOS procedure calls that XP has very little idea about.

Most certainly, some of the older DOS-based programs, in order to speed up the displays, were written directly to interact with the computer's hardware. These however, will not allow not run at all on Windows XP. In order to run these programs you will have to find a computer with an older OS or a good emulator or virtual computer. Luckily Microsoft had decided to integrate this facility into Windows XP.

Locate the program which you are trying to run:

  • Right click on the application or program file (the .EXE or .COM file).
  • Select Properties from the menu.
  • Select the Compatibility Tab in the dialog that pops up.
  • Change the options so the program opens in “Windows 95” / “Windows 98” / “Windows 2000” e.g. compatibility mode. Note the other options in the dialog as you may have to experiment a bit and change some of them as well in order for your application to work.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Ok.

Try re-launching the installation with these changed parameters. Have Fun!!!

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