OEM Packages creator error: could not start process

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This works without any problem in my Desktop. But when I try to start this on my laptop I get the following error message. I am using windows seven 64 bit on both of my desktop and laptop. Any Idea what this error mean? or how do I solve it?

Error: Could not start process C:Documents and SettingJoshMy Documents_XV6800_OEMizerMSCEInfen.exe



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OEM Packages creator error: could not start process


Hello Azreil,

Do you have the same operating system on the laptop as you have on the desktop? Because the error that you are getting seems to be as a result of compatibility issues. To resolve it, you will need to do the following:

  • Check the system specifications of the Windows 7 OS that you are using on the laptop. Verify that it is indeed 64 bit.
  • Also check the model of your laptop. If for instance you have a Compaq laptop and the desktop is DELL, the application may not be able to work on both machines.
  • After that you will need to use the specifications above to look for the right Packages Creator to use on your laptop.

Hope this helps.



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