Object oriented programming in Java

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I have been working for a company and programming object oriented styled in C++ but after I lost my job so I employed myself at home by programming in java but through the internet. My question is why using java programming language, programs are much easier to sell over the internet?

From my experience I am quite sure that C++ is a much faster programming language and effective more than Java. And also, the web programming in javascript is much more valuable than CSS's ones.

Why is that ?


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Object oriented programming in Java


C++ is created for stand alone systems and programs, and Java is on used for printing in past, but as the years grow by, Java now has the network support feature which makes it more superior than C++. Java also supports C and C++ programming. And Java can run anywhere using a virtual machine. So we can say that Java came out from the C++ programming.

I can't say that Java and CSS is worth comparing because they have different roles in creating a web page. Java is use often in the functions that your website will run, while the CSS focus mainly on the design of your website that HTML cannot do, example of this is the changing of text color of the links.

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