Object expected error help out

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Hey guys,

I'm currently experiencing a JavaScript "Object Expected"  error over the main menu on the top of the site

Any help would be appreciated.

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Object expected error help out


Hi friend,

"Object Expected" error over the main menu on the top of the site means your internet explorer is too weak for hold java script code.

It can not decode javaScript code in contain with HTML. To solve this problem you need to upgrade your internet explorer.

You can use internet explorer 7 or internet explorer 8 for solve this problem.

Other option is to give java script introduction in your old internet explorer. To do this

1. Open internet script tag by type ="application/javascript"

2. Now in SCRIPT box expend those object.

3. Now replace object value with "text/javascript"

In some internet explorer this will allow java script. 

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Object expected error help out


The possible reason as to why you are experiencing that error is because an error might have occurred before the function could be loaded, and that caused the rest of the script in the browser that you are using to abort.

In cases, you will find that this kind of error might not be seen by you in case the browser you are using does not stumble on that script, but then all code that follows this error will not have been loaded.

To locate such kind of error and fix it, you will need to move the function to the beginning of the <script> section and then see what response is.

Clair Charles


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Object expected error help out


There are only two possible reasons why you are receiving that error on the menu of a website. First, the error is triggered by the web browser you are using. This means the browser itself is not compatible with the script that’s why an error appears. In this case, try using a different web browser.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer when the error appeared, try visiting the website using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or the Opera browser. Second, the server is experiencing a problem that affects the navigational elements of the website. In this case, trying the website on a different web browser will not work. You may try visiting the website some other time.

I’m sure the problem will be fixed by that time.

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