O2’s 4G LTE test showing a great result.

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UK Wireless provider O2’s 4G LTE test showing a great result of speeds as high as 150Mbps and an average of 20-50Mbps. Can we expect to get this facility in this year?

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O2’s 4G LTE test showing a great result.



O2, a UK Mobile operator, made public some results of its 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) trial, more than 1,000 people took part in this tests across London, and the results are amazing, some users said they reached a throughput of 150 Mbps, and average was around 25Mbps.

Actually, the tests are supposed to be finished by June 2012, but the Official rollout will probably not be before 2013, the problem is that the frequency auction by Ofcom is not due yet, and even if it is due some where in the second or third quarter, the rollout will not fast enough to make the LTE service available during this year.


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