Not getting all my emails

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I have recently pointed my domain to a big commerce store and so changed my email settings to match the new instructions given by BigCommerce. I am not receiving all my emails, if I open my old computer with the original settings I find emails which I hadn't received with my new email settings. has this happened to anyone before and know of a solution or does anyone have ideas about how I might ensure all my emails come to one inbox. It appears as if only emails from certain people are getting through and others are going to the old settings. Almost as if the DNS settings haven't properly propagated fully. Ideas –

please help

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Not getting all my emails



Your query got my attention. In this case, you have the possibility of having an error or mistake in creating and changing your user settings. Try editing the settings on your email and restart the browser you have opened. According toBigCommerce, you can set up e-mail accounts at the domain that your store is currently using. They do recommend that you set up your domain to point to your store before setting up email.

This is how you create a new e-mail account:

1.) Please make sure that you login to your store's control panel.
2.) Then click Tools and then E-mail Accounts 

3.) Click the Create an E-mail Account button 

4.) Fill in the needed information:

Username: username of the e-mail (before the part)

E-mail Account Type: it is either a full e-mail address or a forward to another e-mail address (first issue where you are having problems on receiving emails)

Password: you need to specify a password if you are creating a full e-mail address

Confirm Password: confirm password

Spam Checking: enable or disable spam checking (second issue why you don’t receive emails, it might be a spammed file)

Set Storage Quota: if you limit the size of the mailbox, you will be helped against disk usage overages, but please understand that once the limit is hit, all e-mails sent to you will bounce back to the sender (third issue, why you don’t receive emails, email might be full)

Please check the points that I have highlighted for you to successfully solve this problem. I hope this information is of great help.

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