Non-accessible CD / DVD drive

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In attempting to follow the steps shown in the “Submitted by JohnStewart on Wed, 2011-09-07 19:15. Comment Id: 27571” comment I get the cmd window open and start the SFC program. The program wants the WinXP CD inserted in the CD-Drive and after I put in the CD the sfc program will not read either drive to take files off the CD to restore files on the system. How do I get the CD drives read during the sfc process?

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Non-accessible CD / DVD drive



You could be getting that error because of the following reasons:

  • The WinXP CD that you are using could be having issues, and therefore the data on it cannot be read successfully. The CD could be having scratches, or it is dirty. In case it is dirty you might want to clean it up, but in the event that it has got scratches then it might not be able to work at all. You might just need to get another CD for that matter.
  • The CD drive on your computer could be the one having issues. You can verify that by using another CD or DVD in it and see if it will work. If it refuses then it will be clear that the CD drive has got issues, and therefore you might need to replace it.



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