Nokia PC suite problem while connecting N72 phone

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Hello Friends,

I am having a lot of problems in connecting N72 mobile through data cable with PC.  Ii is being showed on my pc suite after using as a modem in my PC.

I am a subscriber of Grameen Phone Limited. I use “gpinternet “as the APN name. When I put these data to the Nokia Pc suite net settings, my pc allows browsing internet for my pc browsers. But the problem is that, when I end the internet connection, my Nokia Pc suite phone browser fails to browse the phone data. What sort of problem it is, I don’t know. My Nokia pc suite becomes totally useless, as it become unable to browse the phone.

To solve this problem, I took several steps-

Firstly, I restarted the pc and try the pc suite again with no luck.

Then I checked out the Data Cable through which I connect the N72 with my pc. But this phase went to vain. After that, I reinstalled PC suite of Nokia again and again, but I got same thing happening. At the last attempt of my trying, I reinstalled my operating system (windows XP service pack 3) and also reinstalled the Nokia pc suite, I got good result.

I got my Nokia Pc suite working well. But when I set up my network connection again with N72 as a modem, I became useless again.

It’s a very annoying situation.  

Please help me buddies to solve this problem.

Thank you very much

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Nokia PC suite problem while connecting N72 phone


It look like some settings problems you need to check what kind of settings you are using and where the settings are missing. Whenever you remove your wire then the settings of your PC are working and the mobile settings are dismissed now if you need to run network on your mobile you need to change settings to your mobile.

These are mostly proxy settings and are available within the mobile you can just simply go to your internet settings and them change them to mobile settings and it will work fine.

Such as Nokia supports about 10 kinds of profiles to be added as network settings so now if you need to change your settings to mobile then you can set another profile and for computer you can change your settings to your computer settings and change them as per your requirements.

I hope this will help you to solve your problem.

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