NOKIA N8 become slow & Restart

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I have a NOKIA N8 phone.

I used it about 6 month.suddenly it's performance is very bad. Its become slow & take restart when i use internet or change the theme.

So i need a solution.

What should  i do for solve the problem?

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NOKIA N8 become slow & Restart


I think you have a phone loaded with many files, and might also be infected with virus. The best solution? Restore it to factory settings to make it fast again but with the sacrifice of your files, contacts, etc. on your phone. So to make sure you don't lose anything important in the phone. Make sure to make a back up first.

Restoring to Factory Settings:

1. Enter the main menu of the phone

2. Then select Settings

3. Enter Phone and go browser the Phone Management.

4. You will see the Factory Settings and when you press OK you will need to select Restore and Delete data.

5. Simply wait for it to finish the reset process.

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NOKIA N8 become slow & Restart


You can either do a Restore to Factory Settings or Hard Reset you N8 phone.

I suggest you the Factory Settings first before doing the Hard Reset I'll explain it to you later.

Remember: Backup those important files on the phone before doing this. Save all of your important contacts in a sheet of paper or on other cellphones.

Restore to Factory Settings:

1. Enter the main menu of your N8 phone.

2. Look for the Settings and then go to Phone.

3. You will find this option in the Phone Management.

4. You will be prompt to choose from Restore or the other options which also deletes the data.

5. Its much better to choose Restore and Delete Data.

Note: We choose this option because it is the best choice in order to remove possible virus on you memory.

Hard Reset:

1. First, your phone should be turned off.

2. Now this is the tricky part: you have to press and hold three buttons here.
Volume Down
Camera Key
Menu Key

3. After doing the above. You will now press the power button while still holding the three others.

4. Wait till it opens up again, and then you done.

Note: By the doing the Hard Reset, there are certain apps that will be removed. But you could simply reinstall it.

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NOKIA N8 become slow & Restart


If your phone’s performance has gotten really slow, you should check the number of apps you’ve installed and remove or uninstall the ones that you don’t need. Some of the apps are probably using the phone’s memory the whole time that’s why the phone is processing them the entire time the phone is running. Also, check the locations where your apps are installed.

There are two possible locations where you can store your apps: the phone’s physical memory and your memory card or the microSD card. If most of your apps are stored on the phone’s memory, you should move them to your memory card to free up space in your phone’s memory. Restarting your phone may also help.

If you frequently browse the internet on your mobile phone, you should clear your phone’s browsing history to free up space. This should improve your browsing experience.

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