Nokia Device Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

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My Nokia N71 does not connect to my laptop via Bluetooth. It even searches for it and discovers it, but can’t get connected to the laptop.

Other phones connect well with it and data can be transferred to and fro.

Since I want to backup my phone data, I’ve tried to connect it via data cable but the issue remains and I can’t get the data through to the laptop.

Is it an issue with my phone device or laptop? 

Is there another way around to over come the problem?

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Nokia Device Bluetooth Connectivity Problem


Hi! Dear,

What ever you wrote here as your problem is really a big issue and here you mentioned two scenarios, in which your laptop doesn’t detect a data through Bluetooth and also when you want to transfer a data through data cable then again it creates a problem.

So, actually the problem is not with your laptop but there is a fault in your cell phone as well because the one particular reason for it, is that the other devices can work on the same laptop as you said but not yours. So my suggestion for you is that, you can change your cell phone or else also there is an alternative to repair your cell phone's inner chips of connectivity.

Firstly, make sure that the problem is with your mobile and connect your cell phone via Bluetooth or data cable to someone else's laptop, then try to capture the signals, if its Ok; then there is also some inner faults of your laptop otherwise the mobile is faulty.


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Nokia Device Bluetooth Connectivity Problem


If other devices can connect to the laptop, then the problem is definitely not with the laptop, but with you mobile phone. You will need to check the Bluetooth settings that you are using on the phone. You will need to make sure that:

  • You have made the phone to be discoverable by other Bluetooth devices.
  • You must have enabled the option that will enable the transfer the devices from the phone to other devices.

In case the phone continues having problem, if since it is a Nokia phone, you will need to get the 'Nokia PC Suite' application and install it on the phone, and you will use it to connect the phone with the laptop so as you will be able to transfer the files as you want to.

Clair Charles


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